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Tippu’s Sipah Salar Yaar Mohammad

Yaar Mohammad was born, in a Rajput family, in 18th century to Shah Noor Mohammad. He joined Mysorian Army and soon became one of the favourite Military Officials of Tipu Sultan. Seeing his patiotic and dauntless behaviour, Tippu Sultan made him his Commander-in-Chief. He fought dauntlessly in the Battle of Seringapatam (1799) against the oppression of British Imperialism, but after the martyrdom of great leader Tippu Sultan, and latter the fall of Mysore, he had to run away and couldn’t be captured by the British Army.
After the fall of Mysore, General Yaar Mohammad spends rest of his life in complete abscondment and humbleness. To British, he was one of the most wanted Mysorian officials. They tried there best to capture him, alive or dead, but couldn’t succeed. His all relatives and family members were killed by tyrant British forces, due to their relation with Tippu’s most trusted General, but only he along with his father Shah Noor Mohammad and son Ilahi Baksh, succeeded in their escape. After that they spend their whole life in fugitiveness and abscondment. General Yaar Mohammad died in the first half of 19th century. Today, his descendents are living in some districts of Punjab and are spending quite non-military and not political life.


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